Xxx, NY
Born xx, xx, xxxx

When Dominick’s parents were told their baby boy tested positive for ALD they were angry. They were given a pamphlet to read and thought: This is a “death sentence”. By the Dominick turns 10, they concluded, he’ll lose his ability to see, walk, hear. Then they dug deeper. They learned because of Dominick’s early diagnosis there was hope – newborn screening of ALD saved his life. Today Dominick is taking Lorenzo’s Oil and getting bi-annual brain MRIs. His parents also know he may one day need a bone marrow transplant; they’ve already registered for a donor. Dominick turns/turned xx this year.

Dominick was lucky to be born in New York, the only state in the U.S. to currently screen newborns for ALD. Help us make newborn screening of ALD a national law — Join the movement demanding U.S. Congress vote YES on the national Aidan’s Law.