Gavin Flynn

Westchester, NY
Born October 21, 2009

Gavin (right) is baby Patrick's older brother. His ALD story is a case study showing the multiplier effect of newborn screening. Because of his little brother’s ALD diagnosis in 2014, doctors also screened Gavin, born prior to ALD screening of newborns in New York. Unfortunately, Gavin's ALD test came back positive too. But because Gavin, 4-years-old at the time, had not yet developed ALD symptoms his prognosis was good. He began treatment (along with his brother) immediately. Today Gavin is typical little boy: energetic, rambunctious, full of mischief. Gavin turns 7 this year.

Read about Gavin’s ALD Sibling Patrick (middle).

Gavin was lucky to be born in New York, one of only two U.S. states currently screening newborns for ALD. Help make newborn screening of ALD a national law — Join the movement demanding the U.S. Congress votes YES on Aidan’s Law.