Adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD) is a deadly brain disease most severely afflicting boys. As young as age 6 it silently begins ravaging their central nervous systems. Doctors often misdiagnose ALD for months, even years. The result is blindness, deafness, seizures, dementia – leading to paralysis or death. Medical bills amount to millions.


But there’s a solution

Newborn screening of ALD

And there’s a Law

Aidan’s Law


It’s before congress right now.
If enacted it will require (and fund) newborn screening of ALD in every U.S. state. Tell Congress to vote YES! on Aidan’s Law.
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Only one state in the U.S. currently screens newborns for ALD


46 Lives Saved and counting.

In two years of screening, 46 New York babies have tested positive for ALD – that’s 46 #LivesSaved. 


Imagine the impact – and #LivesSaved – if every U.S. state would screen its newborns for ALD?


Screening newborns for ALD requires a single drop of blood taken from a baby’s heel – the same way we already screen babies for other diseases.



In its first year of screening, New York spent less than $2.50 per child to test all newborns for ALD. That’s less than the national average cost of a cup of coffee.

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