Our Boys, Your Boys

Half of the boys pictured here lost their battle with ald. half are fighting this deadly disease. None of them were diagnosed with Ald at birth — A boy's best chance to survive and lead a normal life. Every 36 hours, another american baby is born with ald.

Adam, TX
Luciano, CT
Alex, LA
Andy, CA
Timmy, WV
Chase, GA
Kyle & Kolby, NC
Roy, OH
Cameron, UK
Alexander, UK
Jacob, NC
Ryan & Justin, NH
Justin, FL
Ethan, NH
Jonathan, NC
Morris, FL
Dylan, MA
Jack, NJ
Randy, NJ
Tyler, FL
Julian, CA
Ethan, CA
Ayden, London
Alex, London
Kevin, CA
Austin, OH
Evan, CA
Ryan, OR
Kody & PJ, AZ
Gabriel, FL
Matthew, FL
Jack, FL
Bradley, CA
Cameron, CA
Devin, LA
Jeremy, CA
Aidan, NY
Dawson, NY
Adrian, CA
Tyveon, FL
Arav, TN
Nathan, OR
Matthew, NC
Andrew, China
Alex & Zach, VA
Gabriel, NC
James, NH
Nicholas, OR
Gabe & Luke, LA
Matthew, KS
Colin & David, OR
Yuri, NJ
Sawyer, CA
Tyjuan, FL
John, MA

Kelly Strenges, Florida, an ALD Mom: "I created this collage to raise awareness for newborn screening of Adrenoleukodystropy. I thought it was important to show some of the many boys that have been affected by this disease - they are not just a statistic.  A special thank you to all of the parents who shared their ALD Warriors and ALD Angels for this collage.  My heart goes out to each and every one of you."